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Hi All,

One of my all time favorite quotes: "When you are in a dark place, sometimes you think you have been buried. Perhaps you have been planted. Bloom." Christine Caine.

In the midst of the chaos that is going on in the world, that is on some level that is impacting each of us, I've decided to start writing. Well, technically, writing publicly. Journaling has always been there for me to express my thoughts. Personally, I love the freedom a blank page brings to me. There is potential, joy, sorrow, growth, lessons, blessings and SO much more. It is a judgement free place. Lots of people have encouraged me to do this for a while, and the universe gave me the final push this past week.

This blog is going to look into but is not limited to a spiritual journey, growth, and learning self love and care and caring for others. I hope you enjoy my vulnerability and honest life stories.

Be well,


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